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What is All-American Recruiting (AARecruiting or AAR) ?

All-American Recruiting (AARecruiting or AAR) is a platform of All-American Faceoff (AAFO) athletes, based on a geographic area, organized by graduation year; displaying a list of recruits we’ve worked with.  Check out the list of recruits HERE.

  • Tag #AARecruiting via Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook to join our stream to let us know who’s lighting up the field or recently committed.

How do I sign-up for AAR?

It’s easy and free.  Just sign-up for one of our events HERE.  We update AAR after every season and post players names alphabetically along w/ their Highschool, club, and highlight film.

On-the-go and dropping into a session? Fill out the form HERE so we can connect and expect you.

Does AAR guarantee AAFO athletes college commitment?

Unfortunately it does not – we wish we could guarantee college commitment. AAR is built to educate, promote, and connect AAFO athletes to colleges.

How do you educate AAFO athletes?

Our Team educates AAFO athletes about being great student-athletes and the current recruitment process in training sessions.  We are exploring more ways to offer AAFO athletes educational needs.

How do you promote AAFO athletes?

AAR promotes athletes through our AAFO x AAR platforms, social media outlets, and news feed.  We are exploring more ways to expose AAFO athletes to colleges.

How do you connect AAFO athletes?

Colleges are always looking for great student-athletes to represent their University.  If there is a potential college opening AAR will try and assist.

What do 2020, 2021, 2022, et. et mean? What's it for?

Great question. All athletes are given a “year”, based on their Highschool graduation year.  Clubs and coaches do this to keep a equal level of consistency/clarification.

On the field? Here’s a cheat sheet:

2019 – HS SR

2020 – HS JR

2021 – HS Soph

2022 – HS FR

2023 – 8th Grade

2024 – 7th Grade

2025 – 6th Grade

2026 – 5th Grade

2027 – 4th Grade

2028 – 3rd Grade

How do I join the All-American Recruiting team?

We’re always interested in motivated people w/ the agility to learn.  Drop us a line w/ your personal interests, past experience, or resume and let’s link up soon.